Tuesday, 14 June 2011

HoverBike Inventor: Certified Moron

Hoverbike SMH Article

This thing will never get off the ground! Ok literally, it probably will... but thats not to say that you're guarenteed of a landing that doesn't involve your head being the first thing to hit the pavement.
Metaphorically though... no, no and no!

The concept is so freakin' cool! Zipping around through the clouds to work... nah, screw work. Somewhere awesome?.... Fuck. It doesn't matter really because no matter where you end up the journey is going to be 100 times better than the destination.
But even if that insane contraption could actually fly, there's simply no way a thing like that could ever be certified as being safe.

Yes, we all saw Back to the Future, and I'm sure some people are still at a loss as to why the hell the first flying cars haven't turned up yet?... Simple reason really: When something goes wrong with your car, it simply conks out and rolls to a stop. When something goes wrong with your flying car, it simply conks out and then plummets to the ground at terminal velocity.


These moronic flying car or flying bike contraptions show up in the news every so often, but like the many before it, this one will fall by the wayside too. Makes for a cool little 30 second news segment but ultimately, this guys going to have to solve a ridiculous amount of safety issues if he's ever allowed to sell one legally.
...And something tells me that a guy who invents a vehicle that is essentially two high powered rotor blades attached to a seat and handlebar isn't going to solve those said issues anytime soon.

Sorry mate... nice try.

Yes, another dream quashed and stamped all over. My work here is done.